Interactive Virtual Reality Training Solutions

VE Studio

Virtual Training Programs for Your Business

We are the leader in producing virtual training programs because of our proven, database-driven development process and productivity tools that form VE Studio.

Our flexible training development software and personalized solutions can be used for virtual maintenance training in aerodynamic, energy, nautical, industrial, and transportation industries.

Industry leading OEMs rely on our virtual hands-on training for consistency and accuracy in their classrooms.

Train Anywhere

Develop and deploy to any device, anywhere. VE Studio publishes virtual training programs to the desired target device, enabling training solution deployment anywhere to be accessible virtually anywhere.

Deploy VE Studio to:

  • Desktops
  • Mobile devices
  • Virtual reality
  • Mixed reality
  • Private or Public Cloud Services
  • Classroom environments

VE Studio 2019.2 Released

The newest release enhances project development startup times, improves the student’s learning experience with onscreen procedural steps and provides better license key management. Key new features include:

  • Single Screen mode (lesson incorporation into VE)
  • Project Initialization Wizard
  • Running the TA in headless mode
  • Support for VR Isolate mode
  • Warning when license features are going to expire
  • External facing documentation site

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The Fidelity Matrix

Go beyond the game engine with database-driven production.

The foundation of VE Studio is a relational database core called the Fidelity Matrix (FM). This relational database correlates all of the requirements, 3D objects, 2D support equipment, environmental properties, behaviors, and constraints. The automated environment build and regression testing tools draw from the FM to construct and check the final environment.

Maximize productivity. Minimize production time.

Analyze. Develop. Build. Test. Render.
It’s not just an idea; it’s our patented production process.

Delivering more capability than a game engine, VE Studio comprehensively manages environment development beginning with project requirement identification and analysis, and continues through source data collection, automatic code generation, software build automation, and automated regression testing. Our proven process is so unique, we were awarded a patent.

The tools your team needs to collaborate, build, and refine at every iteration.

VE Studio includes a host of proven productivity tools to maximize user productivity while minimizing virtual environment production times.

Automated Build Tools
Use Industry Standard 3D Models
Built-in Revision Control Support
Database-driven Production Pipeline
VTS Virtual Environment Framework
Automated Requirements Analysis
Requirements Traceability
Automated Regression Testing

Optimized CAD Conversion Recipes
Simulation Engine Framework
Procedure Monitoring/Lesson Engine
Instructor Operator Station Application
Student Station Training Application

Client Project

Western Army National Guard Aviation Training Site unveils first-of-its-kind VMT

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