Easily develop and distribute immersive VR training with VE Studio, supported on HP’s hardware.

The VE Studio® platform scales effortlessly to your changing classroom needs while the HP hardware compliment this software with optimum power and portability.

A Powerful VR Partnership

DiSTI partners with HP to bring customized and turn-key VR powered by VE Studio.

“HP’s versatile and high-powered devices, combined with DiSTI’s VE Studio® development platform, will empower customers to create cost-effective VR training solutions that safely replicate real-world environments and processes in rich detail.”

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Get Up and Running Quickly

VE Studio simplifies complex, lengthy training with easy to use grade management portals for instructors and interactive, engaging lessons for students.

Perfect for:

  • Maintenance Training
  • Employee Training
  • Brushing Up Technical Skills
  • Muscle-memory Training
  • Simulating High-risk Situations

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Training for Any Industry

VE Studio can be used in a wide range of industries outside of military simulation. Wherever there is a need for a technical skill, you can use VE Studio.

VE Studio can be used in a variety of industries:

  • Industrial
  • Maritime
  • Aerospace
  • Energy
  • Medical

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The Leader in VR Training

We are the recognized leader in the production of virtual training solutions because of our proven, patented, database-driven development process and productivity tools.

Industry leading OEMs that demand the highest level of fidelity and accuracy rely on our powerful virtual trainers to represent the form and function of the real-world devices.

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