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White Papers

Hardware Convergence & Functional Safety

Co-authored by industry experts DiSTI and Mobica, this white paper discusses the convergence of digital instrument clusters, heads-up displays, and in-vehicle infotainment systems into a single system solution and the impact developers need to be aware of to maintain functional safety.

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3D Graphics for Automotive User Interfaces

This paper not only describes how using 3D saves on memory, which in turn shows significant cost savings on production units, but also describes additional benefits brought about by using 3D including reduced development times and simplified asset management.

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Challenges of an Integrated Functional Safety Implementation

This paper examines the options & challenges for implementing functionally safe systems, and how to integrate safety critical and non-safety critical software across multiple displays on a single System on a Chip (SoC).

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GL Studio State Machine

Observe GL Studio 6 State Machine’s power to simplify UI development

GL Studio Customizable Workflow

GL Studio Customized Workflow – Automotive UI Demonstration

GL Studio Touch Drawing Character Recognition

GL Studio Application Example of Touch Drawing with Character Recognition

GL Studio Particle System

Particle System Demonstration in GL Studio

GL Studio Blockset for Simulink

GL Studio Blockset for Simulink – No code User Interfaces for Model-based Design

Raspberry Pi Integrated with X-Plane

GL Studio on Raspberry Pi Integrated with X-Plane

ST Micro Accordo 5

Two demonstrations of GL Studio UI tools driving ST Micro solutions with high fidelity on both a hybrid digital cluster with physical and analog instruments and a full digital cluster.

Embedded World 2018

GL Studio powering cluster, HUD and IVI solutions on leading partner platforms by Renesas, Intel, Toradex, ST Accordo, and GeChic at Embedded World 2018.

Jaguar Land Rover InControl

Jaguar Land Rover InControl Touch Pro at Bosch Booth – CES 2016

GL Studio Single Push Button Deployment

GL Studio Single Push Button Deployment to Target

Renesas Multi Display Demos

Renesas R-Car H3 and M3 Demonstrators at CES 2016

Tata Elxsi Integrated E-cockpit

IVI, IC, HUD, and ADAS features built with GL Studio

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