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Below is a partial list of the hardware and operating system combinations we support. If you do not see the combination you need for your project, please contact us for porting information.

AGL LinuxAndroideSOL eT-KernelGHS IntegrityIntel LinuxiOSKendrick Canyon LinuxLinuxPeta LinuxQNX SDPRaspbian LinuxVxWorksYOCTO Linux
Android DevicesAndroidYes
Apple iPadiOSYes
Apple iPhoneiOSYes
Fujitsu CoralLinuxYes
Fujitsu TritoneSOL eT-KernelYesYOCTO LinuxYes
Intel Apollo Lake MRBGHS IntegrityYesIntel LinuxYesQNX SDPYesYOCTO LinuxYes
Intel Atom E3845VxWorksYesYOCTO LinuxYes
Intel Bay TrailKendrick Canyon LinuxYes
Intel VTC 1010LinuxYesQNX SDPYes
NXP i.MX6 DualGHS IntegrityYesVxWorksYesYOCTO LinuxYes
NXP i.MX6 QuadGHS IntegrityYesQNX SDPYesVxWorksYesYOCTO LinuxYes
NXP i.MX6 SoloYOCTO LinuxYes
NXP i.MX8 QuadPlusQNX SDPYesYOCTO LinuxYes
Qualcomm 820AAGL LinuxYesGHS IntegrityYesQNX SDPYes
Qualcomm SnapdragonLinuxYes
Raspberry PiRaspbian LinuxYes
Renesas R-Car H2GHS IntegrityYesQNX SDPYesYOCTO LinuxYes
Renesas R-Car H3AGL LinuxYesGHS IntegrityYes
Renesas R-Car M2GHS IntegrityYesQNX SDPYesYOCTO LinuxYes
Renesas R-Car M3GHS IntegrityYesVxWorksYesYOCTO LinuxYes
ST Micro Accordo5YOCTO LinuxYes
TeleChips TCC8022YOCTO LinuxYes
TeleChips TCC8971YOCTO LinuxYes
Telechips TCC803x Dolphin+YOCTO LinuxYes
Texas Instruments Jacinto J6QNX SDPYesYOCTO LinuxYes
Toradex NVIDIA TegraLinuxYes
Toradex i.MX6LinuxYes
XILINX ZCU102Peta LinuxYesYOCTO LinuxYes

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Jaguar Land Rover adopts and standardizes on GL Studio

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