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GL Studio

The Developer’s Tool for UI Design

Leading display designers trust GL Studio to deliver digital automotive cockpit instruments, HUD displays, controls and clusters, and full immersive HMI cockpit environments quickly and easily.

GL Studio delivers high-fidelity, feature-rich 2D and 3D graphical user interfaces for embedded automotive systems and HMIs. Our UI development tool’s flexible environment supports industry-standard 2D and 3D file formats, compatibility with modern 3D graphics hardware, and an industry-leading runtime engine.

GL Studio 6.3

The latest release encompasses several new GL Studio features, GLS-Map Toolkit enhancements, and 50 additional GL Studio improvements.

  • Improved Package Management System
  • Conditional Rendering
  • Text Ligature Controls
  • PSD Importer
  • GLS-Map Toolkit (1.5.1)
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Avionics Technology with Safety Critical In Mind

With 2D Moving Maps and Approach Plate options, GL Studio delivers MFD and primary flight displays for flight decks with safety critical avionics in mind.

GL Studio software is the only aerospace design HMI tool with a safety critical runtime library that is certifiable to DO-178 B/C up to Level A. No other UI runtime library delivers GL Studio's combination of safety, reliability, and performance.

Image courtesy of Aero Simulation

Your UI content running wherever you need it.

The GL Studio runtime is the most portable, most reliable, and highest-performing graphics library on the market. Check out a partial list of the hardware and operating system combinations we support. Don't see a dot at the intersection you need? Just contact us and ask.

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Conceptualize, develop, and deploy.

GL Studio enables the real-time creation of interactive 2D and 3D user interface content through a WYSIWYG designer, eliminating the need to write cumbersome low-level graphical code. Perform geometry creation using intuitive tools for drawing, grouping, ordering, and texturing. Publish cross-platform desktop and embedded applications executing on the highest performing runtime UI engine on the market.

A flexible, functional, and productive development process.

GL Studio is the first user interface development tool that offers the best of both worlds without compromising performance, safety, or reliability. The GL Studio designer enhances collaboration between the two user interface development roles – the UI designer and the software programmer. For UI designers, GL Studio is quick and easy to use. For programmers, GL Studio is flexible and accessible.

Experience and design without compromise.

Deliver a full 3D user experience without compromising the UI designer’s vision. GL Studio supports numerous file formats, including 3ds Max and Photoshop, delivering 100% correlation between concept and reality.


  • Single push-button deployment
  • Drag-and-drop assets
  • Instant preview and test
  • UI Maintain external asset linkage


  • Comprehensive Photoshop importer
  • 3ds Max importer
  • Design localization
  • Object-oriented architecture


  • Platform-independent design portability
  • Multi-touch and gesture support
  • Automated target specific optimization
  • Customized toolbox objects and behaviors


  • Native C++ code
  • Fast application start-up
  • Deterministic real-time
  • Eliminated UI lag

Introducing the GLS State Machine

If you can use Photoshop, you can build a user interface.

The all-new State Machine capability allows users to create the logic that drives the user interface with simple, easy-to-use blocks. This new capability allows users to create intricate user interfaces regardless of their skill level.

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Client Project

Jaguar Land Rover adopts and standardizes on GL Studio

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