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GL Studio add-ons boost productivity by expanding the core capabilities of the tool, ensuring program success.

GLS Blockset for Simulink

Easily add feature-rich UI displays and controls to your Mathworks Simulink® project. GL Studio content easily drops into the Simulink canvas and connects to data without any coding. In just a few clicks, you’re up and running.
Tool Highlights

  • Drag and drop interfaces
  • No code connections
  • Bidirectional communication

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GLS Menu Library

A powerful class library enabling rapid development and prototyping of multi-function display (MFD) menu hierarchy and navigation. Create complex menu structures using script files to control syntax, color, and actions without rebuilding the application. The GLS Menu Library is great for:

  • Aircraft MFD
  • Aircraft CDU
  • Communications Gear
  • Infotainment Systems
  • Industrial Controls

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GLS Map Toolkit

Combine multiple geo-referenced map imagery formats and user-defined symbology into a real-time 2D moving map display. The toolkit supports a variety of georeferenced imagery formats, DTED elevation data, and user-defined image sets allowing users to create any tactical map display. Runtime features include:

  • Pan/Zoom/Rotate
  • Offsetting
  • Layer visibility
  • Contour lines
  • Elevation banding
  • Threat inter-visibility
  • and more...

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GLS Approach Plate Toolkit

Convert digital Instrument Approach Procedures (IAP) charts produced by the FAA, National Aeronautical Charting Office, into correlated geo-referenced GLS objects for a variety of aeronautical applications. The IAP charts are publicly available for download in PDF format and cover all US airports. Download IAP Charts.

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VR-Engage Integration

GLS Vega Prime

GL EP2 3.0

While GL Studio content can be used and integrated just about anywhere, we provide turnkey integration with the following products. Use these turnkey solutions to:

Integrate real-time instruments into a project

Rapidly create content with photorealistic textures

Encapsulate graphics and C++ code into RSOs

VR-Engage Integration

VR-Engage seamlessly integrates the display and interaction of RSOs into the rest of a simulation. A GL Studio user can integrate an RSO to VR-Engage by adding a model definition, attaching the RSO to an entity type, viewing the RSO and finally adding simulation data to a heads-up display.

Third Party Integration

GLS Vega Prime

GLS Vega Prime plug-in allows GL Studio users to quickly and easily insert HMI content into fully immersive virtual environments, for an unprecedented level of interactivity. Fully integrated with Vega Prime and the LynX Prime configuration tool, rapidly add components, such as multi-function and heads-up displays into Vega Prime applications without the need to write additional code.

Third Party Integration

GL EP2 3.0

The GLS EP2 3.0 plug-in allows users of Rockwell Collins’ EP2 technology to use GL Studio created RSOs with EP2 symbology plug-in architecture, providing high fidelity interface displays and symbology to EP2 image generators. Rockwell Collins provides a variety of EP2 image generation systems to match any design need.

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