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Why Choose Virtual Maintenance Training?

ROV_Submersible Virtual Maintenance Training is a type of training method that includes computer-based interactive 3D simulations of virtual equipment that replicates the actual real life vehicle or device. It safely teaches vehicle and device crewmembers the procedures to properly service, repair, and maintain equipment. It is the learning method commonly used by training schools and centers of the United States Armed Forces for the maintenance of its defense vehicles. Its integration into current training courses has continued to increase in popularity.

Some Things to Consider

When you are ready to get started, consider the responses to the following questions. This will begin to shape how we can help you. There are no right or wrong answers and more than one answer might be applicable depending on your training objectives.

  1. Rank your top 3 challenges with regard to maintenance training.
    • Throughput
    • Access to equipment
    • Cost of physical training aides
    • Travel time & budget
    • Comprehension
    • Other
  2. What level type are you considering for virtual training?
    • Components (engine, turbine, generator, brakes, etc.)
    • System level (aircraft, truck, automobile, submersible, UAV, etc.)
  3. Who is your primary target audience for the training
    • Initial technician training
    • Apprenticeship training
    • Master technician training
    • Other
  4. What type of training is required?
    • Initial training
    • Refresher training
    • just in time training
    • Job performance aide
    • Other
  5. What tasks will the training need to cover?
    • Remove & Replace
    • Troubleshooting
    • Other
  6. How do you envision your training delivered?
    • Web browser
    • Desktop application
    • Instructor Lead Training Aid
    • iPad
    • Android tablet
    • Other
  7. Will you want to track and/or record student performance?
    • Yes, we have an LMS we already work with and want this solution to work with it
    • Yes, but this training doesn’t need to work with it at this time
    • No, but we will in the future
    • No, we just want them to do the work

Benefits of VMT

A virtual maintenance trainer dramatically reduces the costs associated with hands-on training when using real world vehicles or devices, which also reduces lifecycle costs.
When using virtual maintenance training, the student is safe from injury and the training vehicle or device is protected from potential damage that may occur during physical hands-on training.
Virtual maintenance trainers engage the student in new interactive learning methods by mixing a game-like atmosphere.
Virtual maintenance trainers allow students to train through a wider variety of scenarios that can be easily reset.
With virtual maintenance trainers, instructors can easily monitor student progress.
Virtual maintenance trainers allow students on individual computers or systems to interact with each other and simultaneously undertake a maintenance training task.

Still have questions?
We understand that starting a virtual maintenance training program takes quite a bit. We are here to help with your VMT project, including consultations.

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