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Platform Level

Virtual Maintenance Training

Patented process. Immersive environments. No-risk development.

Platform level training focuses on training the student on complete systems; entire vehicles, aircraft, watercraft, etc. Maintenance procedures focus on troubleshooting systems along with their inter-dependencies and resolving procedures down to a faulty component.

The anatomy of a platform level maintenance trainer consists of three different parts. Each part has its significance and the trainer would not be able to function properly without all parts cohesively working together. All platform level trainers contain:


  • Virtual Environment: The Virtual Environment is the face of the maintenance trainer. Students interact with the training device through this interface becoming immersed in the training scenarios.
  • Simulation Engine: The simulation engine provides the logic that drives the behaviors and graphics of the virtual environment.
  • Instructor Control Station: The overall training device is controlled by the instructor with an interface that generates, loads, and controls the student scenarios.

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DiSTI’s Role

DiSTI’s patented process (Patent 8,429,600 B2) for developing virtual maintenance training environments is our primary contribution to the overall development of platform level maintenance trainers. The virtual environment, which resides in the “student station”, includes the 3D aircraft model, 2D/3D cockpit, 2D/3D support and test equipment and active schematics. Some examples of platform level maintenance trainers using DiSTI developed virtual environments are listed below. Also, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information on virtual maintenance training.

Platform Level Examples

Below is a partial list of a few of the recognizable platform level maintenance trainers that DiSTI has successfully delivered. Visit our Maintenance Trainer Examples page for a more detailed list.

  • F/A-18E IVEMT
  • F-35 ASMT
  • RRC Robotica
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