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Part Task Level

Virtual Maintenance Training

Train big for small tasks.

The primary purpose of Part Task Level Maintenance Trainers is to train students on smaller tasks or procedures. This level focuses on the sub-systems and is geared at component rebuilds and troubleshooting.

Why DiSTI’s Part Task Level Maintenance Trainers: DiSTI combines the capabilities of our commercial tool GL Studio to deliver a customized training device tailored to your specific training needs. Below are some examples of Part Task Level Maintenance Trainers produced by DiSTI.

DiSTI’s patented process driven workflow (Patent 8,429,600 B2)¬†delivers risk-free virtual maintenance training regardless of device size, delivery mechanism, or student proficiency.

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Key Part Task Level Examples

Small Arms Trainer

The need for fast, effective, and accessible training aids for small arms is critical to support the effectiveness of today’s Warfighter. DiSTI developed the Virtual Small Arms Trainer in conjunction with NGT2 to prove that the technology for producing and delivering this type of training is cost efficient and effective. NGT2 trainers are used in the classroom and in the field to teach personnel to operate and maintain a wide range of weapons.


DiSTI delivered an advanced 3D training aid as part of its blended learning curriculum, which combines classroom instruction, virtual interactive courseware, and hands-on training with physical engines to the U.S. Army Transportation School. The 3D virtual, interactive Diesel Engine Maintenance Trainer (DEMT) helped to increase student throughput by providing alternative training content that would offset the bottleneck created by the limited access to the physical engine trainers. Students can perform a wide range of virtual activities associated with the particular job sheets for each engine such as disassembly, assembly, inspection, and pertinent installation and timing procedures. The virtual environment also features 3D representations of the special maintenance tools used by the students to complete required procedures.
DEMT Engine Assembly Training

Allison Transmission

The U.S. Army selected DiSTI for the development of 3D models and associated maintenance training courseware for the Allison Transmission Control Valves that are used on multiple military vehicles. The courseware, developed using GL Studio, allows the student to interact with high-fidelity 3D models to learn and practice disassembly and assembly procedures. The courseware is SCORM conformant for maximum reuse/distribution potential, U.S. Army GOLD Disk compliant for network security, and can be integrated into the U.S. Army’s Blackboard Learning Management System.
Allison Transmission Trainer


DiSTI produced the HEMTT Fuel Transfer Trainer for Oshkosh Defense in order to allow their instructors to train their students more effectively on the fuel/defuel capabilities of the vehicle. The trainer replaced the previous method of instructions: a 300 slide, 2-day PowerPoint lesson. The virtual application achieves the training objectives in a 4-hour training session.

ROV Submersible

View more part-task Virtual Maintenance Trainers on our VMT Examples page.
ROV Submersible
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