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Safety Critical

The reliable development and deployment of safety critical display content has expanded beyond the traditional aircraft avionics marketplace. Today, a greater number of devices contain electronic displays where failure could mean a loss of life, including medical devices and unmanned systems. DiSTI’s services team provides your organization with the expertise needed to develop these displays quickly without compromising fidelity, performance, or safety.

Certifiable. Great Performance.

We take great care in the creation of our safety critical projects. We develop content that leverages our GL Studio SC (Safety Critical) tools. Our safety critical runtime library is certifiable to DO-178 B/C or ED-12 B/C Levels E-A, depending on the specific requirement, and is pre-certified to ISO 26262 ASIL D by TÜV NORD (Certificate Registration No. 44 207 13082113).

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Find out more about how we can create graphical content for your safety critical system to achieve top performance and impeccable dependability.

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MFD Safety Critical

Rely On Us.

Take advantage of DiSTI’s expertise early in the development process to maximize the benefits of displays built to service the full lifecycle of the system. Our single code base allows the same display content to run in the prototyping environment, for verification and validation, in training devices, and deployment on the target device.

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