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UI Development

UI Development

UI Development

Cockpits, Instruments, Displays

Let us build it for you virtually.

We deliver pre-compiled software builds in either C++ or Java along with an ICD, allowing the HMI content to be seamlessly integrated into your software projects. We also provide capabilities to overlay the HMI content with your OpenGL based graphics system. If you are a GL Studio customer, we can deliver all related project content, giving you total control by allowing you to maintain and update the content.

Our tools and services have been utilized in the production of a variety of 2D and 3D virtual instrumentation content including:

  • Aircraft cockpit instrumentation (both analog and electronic)
  • vehicle dashboards
  • gunner stations/reticles
  • ship consoles

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Find out more about how we can take your project to the next level with our highly advanced virtual content for your cockpits, instruments, displays.

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Cockpits and Instrumentation

Great Performance. High Quality.

We produce virtual instrumentation to meet your design specifications and application objectives. Virtual instrumentation has been used to facilitate a variety of simulation and training devices, including:

  • Rapid Virtual Prototypes
  • Desktop, Part Task and Full missions Trainers
  • Instructor Operator Stations
  • Repeater Panels
  • Instructor Training Aids
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