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GL Studio Add-ons

GL Studio produces self-contained smart graphical elements called Reusable Software Objects (RSO). An RSO includes both the appearance and behavior of the object coupled with a well-defined interface. The GL Studio add-ons leverage RSO’s to ensure that any application, project or program is created with high fidelity and high performance results.

Expand your Mathworks Simulink® project functionality by easily adding feature-rich graphical interface displays and controls from GL Studio. The GL Studio components easily drop into the Simulink canvas and connect to data without any coding. In just a few clicks you’re up and running!

Highlights of the tool include:

  • Drag and drop interfaces
  • No code connections
  • Bidirectional communication
Ready to go out-of-the-box! Use your own custom GL Studio designs or choose from our pre-built RSOs, covering a wide range of application needs, including:

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Industrial

GL Studio Blockset for Simulink


GLS Menu

The GL Studio Menu Library is a powerful class library for GL Studio that enables the rapid development and prototyping of multi-function display (MFD) menu hierarchy and navigation. Use the Menu Library with a GL Studio design to create the complex menu structure of today’s MFDs, which is read from external text-based script files. The Menu Library drives information such as label syntax, color, and the actions that occur upon selection. Page changing logic updates without recompiling the main application, because of the externally driven application structure.

Utilize GlsMenu in the following applications:

  • Aircraft MFD
  • Aircraft CDU
  • Printer LCD
  • Comm gear displays
  • Automotive entertainment systems

  • Rapid creation of menu selection behavior
  • Update page changing logic without recompiling
  • Predefined actions available, including:
    • Conditional Expression
    • Change data variable value
    • Navigate to other menu
    • Start Timer
  • User defined and registered callback

GLS Menu

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Map Toolkit

The DiSTI Map Toolkit is a plug-in for the GL Studio editor that allows the development of real-time moving map display applications. The toolkit provides the capability to combine multiple geo-referenced map imagery formats and user defined symbology across multiple layers to produce a single real-time 2D map view. Numerous map imagery formats are supported and new formats are easily added using the plug-in reader architecture.The map imagery dynamically loads into memory as needed, and the toolkit supports various real-time manipulation functions including:

  • Panning
  • Zooming
  • Rotating
  • Offsetting
  • Layer Visibility

The DiSTI Map Toolkit has full DTED support to enhance the user’s application. DTED data can be used for terrain map viewing or as an overlay to other map types. This feature’s contour lines allow terrain elevations to be easily viewed with overlays. Elevation banding displays safe areas to fly and the threat intervisibility feature alerts the user to where threats lie within the surrounding terrain.

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Approach Plate

The Approach Plate Toolkit converts digital Instrument Approach Procedures (IAP) charts produced by the FAA, National Aeronautical Charting Office, into correlated geo-referenced GL Studio objects suitable for a variety of aeronautical based applications. These charts are publicly available for download in Adobe PDF format and cover all U.S. airports.The Approach Plate Toolkit consists of the Approach Plate Configuration Tool and the Approach Plate Viewer. Together these elements convert and configure the Approach Charts and enables rendering in user-customized applications.

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Data Director

The Data Director seamlessly connects multiple data sources, such as math models or simulation data, to user interface objects with no programming. This tool is ideal for the Human Factors and Prototyping communities because of the ability to quickly connect instrumentation to physical data models in an easy to use GUI environment.The Data Director Toolkit is comprised of a library of common instrument types for out-of-the-box integration, interoperability modules serving as the bridge to connect the properties in the instrumentation, and standard data converters to manipulate data values passing through the tool.


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3rd Party Products

While GL Studio content can be used and integrated just about anywhere, DiSTI provides turnkey integration with the following products. Use these turnkey solutions to:

  • Integrate real-time instruments into a project
  • Rapidly create content through photo realistic textures
  • Encapsulate graphics and C++ code into a reusable software object (RSO)

VR-Vantage Integration

Not only does GL Studio allow users to create Reusable Software Objects (RSOs) proficiently, it offers the ability to integrate those RSOs and other content into the VR-Vantage visual solution. In essence, GL Studio RSOs provide the graphical interface, including graphical overlays and heads-up displays, to MÄK’s Vantage IG. In turn, VR-Vantage seamlessly integrates the display and interaction of RSOs into the rest of a simulation.Various applications use this integration process due to the simplicity of each step. In fact, a GL Studio user can integrate an RSO to VR-Vantage in only a few short steps. By adding a model definition, attaching the RSO to an entity type, viewing the RSO and finally adding simulation data to a heads-up display, the integration is complete.The compatibility between GL Studio and VR-Vantage gives our customers the flexibility and high fidelity that they demand. To assess the individual capabilities of VR-Vantage, visit www.mak.com for further information.

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GLS Vega Prime

Powered by Presagis’ Vega Prime 3D visualization toolkit, the GLS Vega Prime Plug-In allows GL Studio® users to quickly and easily insert HMI content into fully immersive virtual reality environments, giving users an unprecedented level of interactivity.Fully integrated with Vega Prime and the LynX Prime configuration tool, users rapidly add components ranging from multi-function displays and heads-up displays into Vega Prime applications without the need to write additional code.The plug-in can take advantage of externally developed GL Studio objects allowing users to insert content built for other discipline areas into their visualization device. Properties within the GL Studio objects can control, or be controlled by, the other objects in the Vega Prime environment.

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GL EP2 3.0

The GL Studio EP2 3.0 Plug-in allows users of Rockwell Collins’ EP2 technology to use GL Studio created Reusable Software Objects (RSOs) with the EP2 symbology plug-in architecture, providing high fidelity interface displays and symbology to the EP2 image generators.Rockwell Collins provides a variety of EP2 image generation systems to match any design need. For more information on EP2 technology, visit www.rockwellcollins.com/EP2_Database_Generation_System.

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