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Meet with the UI Experts at Embedded World 2019.

At DiSTI, we work with the industry’s best partners and suppliers to solve the challenges of digital transformation in the automotive industry.

At Embedded World 2019 we showcased the innovative results of our partner ecosystems’ collaborative efforts bringing you the most powerful, reliable, and flexible UI solutions in the market.

We are showcasing solutions our award winning GL Sutdio UI solutions for Aerospace, Agricultural, Automotive, Defense, Industrial, and Medical markets.

Schedule your meeting today! Booth 4-123

Powered By GL Studio 6.3

  • Build immersive and interactive 2D or 3D user interfaces
  • UI designer workflows that simplify and speed up development
  • Optimize UI for hypervisor/multivisor performance and reliability
  • SVG drag-and-drop importer and built-in optimization tools
  • Display high-resolution text
  • New animation system
  • Single push button deployment to target
  • Develop functional safety critical ISO 26262 up to ASIL D out of the box

Join the future of user interface, now.


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