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DiSTI Joins GENIVI Alliance as Newest Associate Member

January 8, 2018   Automotive, News

Renesas sponsors DiSTI’s Introduction as GENIVI Alliance Associate Member

Orlando, FL (January 8, 2018) – The DiSTI Corporation, the industry leader in graphical user interface software, announces GENIVI Alliance Associate membership. Sponsored by Renesas Electronics, a Core GENIVI member, the relationship continues to build on work by both companies to build a better connected car experience for drivers around the world.

GENIVI membership highlights DiSTI’s collaboration with Renesas and opens up more opportunities for DiSTI to contribute towards the adoption of performance and functional safety standards throughout the automotive industry.

“Automotive OEM’s and Tier 1’s are constantly pushing the envelope for delivering a better user experience and enhanced safety features to drivers of their vehicles,” said Chris Giordano, VP of Automotive at DiSTI. “Balancing that user experience and integration of safety is becoming more cost effective as tools like GL Studio continue to set the standard for performance and functional safety by offering the only commercially available pre-certified runtimes. This allows Tier 1’s and OEM’s to implement functional safety for their clusters, IVI’s and HUDs right now, out-of-the-box at a far lower development cost to developing their own runtimes.”

“DiSTI’s GL Studio’s pre-certified functional safety runtimes combined with high-performance architecture and customizable workflows make it easier for our industry to bring new UI’s to market faster and more economically, ” said Craig Johnson, Director, Automotive Advanced Systems Innovation Department, Automotive System Business Division at Renesas.

At CES 2018, DiSTI will be showcasing over 16 new platform demonstrations with GL Studio runtimes on high performance cluster, IVI, and HUD systems featuring the automotive industry’s fastest and most reliable UI design tools for automotive functional safety and Level 5 Autonomous driving solutions.

“CES is a great venue to introduce new partners into the GENIVI community and we appreciate Renesas’s sponsorship,” said Chris Giordano. “We look forward to sharing new ideas, methodologies and experiences that enhance all of our members’ experiences as we bring new innovation to the automotive market.  Together we are building the standards that enhance the user experience and safety of drivers around the globe. We are proud to announce our membership at this year’s GENIVI Networking Reception at the GENIVI CES 2018 Networking Reception.”

DiSTI will be at the GENIVI CES 2018 Networking Reception, Table 29, January 9th in the Bellagio Resort & Casino, 6:00-9:30pm and at the DiSTI UI Experience Suite at the Luxor Hotel & Casino January 8-12. To schedule your personal visit and to meet Chris Giordano, VP of Automotive and schedule your personal visit, please contact


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The DiSTI Corporation is the world’s leading provider of 3D virtual training solutions and graphical user interface software.

Our flagship product, GL Studio, delivers advanced high-performance 3D user interfaces to the aerospace, automotive, medical, and training industries. Leading global manufacturers such as Jaguar Land Rover, Boeing, and Lockheed Martin choose GL Studio for its’ performance, fidelity, and reliability in interface development and deployment. Whether for avionics, instrument clusters, infotainment systems, medical devices, or flight simulators, GL Studio exceeds the developer’s interface demands.

DiSTI’s user interface technology also expands into 3D virtual maintenance training solutions. DiSTI’s VE Studio is the world’s leading platform for managing the development of complex 3D virtual environments for use on desktop, mobile, and virtual and mixed reality training applications. VE Studio manages the entire development process including requirements analysis, content development, and automated software builds and regression testing.

For more information on The DiSTI Corporation contact Kevin Mikalsen at

  About GENIVI Alliance  

The GENIVI Alliance is a non-profit alliance focused on developing an open in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) and connectivity platform for the transportation industry. The alliance provides its members with a global networking community of more than 140 companies, joining connected car stakeholders with world-class developers in a collaborative environment, resulting in free, open source middleware. GENIVI is headquartered in San Ramon, Calif.

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