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DiSTI Delivers Siemens Energy’s First 3D Virtual Maintenance Trainer

March 19, 2018   News

Siemens Energy Implements 3D Virtual Maintenance Trainers for Large-Scale Gas Turbine Power Plant Technology

Orlando, FL (February 14, 2018) – The DiSTI Corporation, the world’s leading provider of 3D virtual training solutions, announces delivery of its first 3D Virtual Maintenance Training (VMT) solution for Siemens Energy, Inc. that was developed using DiSTI’s VE Studio Development Suite for Unity.

With the 3D VMT solution, Siemens is creating training programs for service technicians that can be deployed via a cloud-based application which reduces travel requirements and expenses while also improving the availability and quality of training around the globe. As a leading provider of power generation technology across the world, Siemens has a highly critical need for training operators and maintenance personnel to service the equipment. In the past, personnel were required to travel to locations with full-size gas turbine engines for training purposes.

According to Kay Weber, Siemens Vice President of Operations, Siemens Power Generation Services, “using advanced digital technologies to improve the way we operate our business and our value-added offerings to customers is one of our key strategies. Operations and Maintenance training is an area where we saw an opportunity and evaluated both the short- and long-term benefits of using 3D Virtual Training technology. We have already seen excellent results with a 66% reduction in the number of training hours required by technicians to complete the training using the VMT-based curriculum with an increase in passing rates as well.”

The Siemens VMT program was developed using DiSTI’s VE Studio for Unity Solution Suite, a purpose-built tool suite and patented process for development of 3D virtual training solutions. VE Studio uses a database-driven approach and automated tools to streamline development and improve the 3D content management process.

“The benefit of using VE Studio for Unity is that it reduces the time and cost of building a 3D virtual training solution by nearly 50 percent over traditional development techniques and provides our customers with the ability to develop their own training solutions. VE Studio is a complete 3D virtual training solution development platform that also enables the seamless delivery of the training to any end device whether virtual reality, desktop or mobile devices,” said John Cunningham, DiSTI CRO. “Our customers today need to deliver training anywhere in the world, at any time and on many different types of devices through the cloud. For the past 15 years, DiSTI has delivered the world’s most complex VMT solutions developed on VE Studio to aircraft manufacturers and Department of Defense customers, which has proven that the technology and processes are robust and scalable. We are very proud of this program and look forward to continuing to work with Siemens to meet their training needs.”

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The DiSTI Corporation is the world’s leading provider of 3D virtual training solutions and graphical user interface software.

Our flagship product, GL Studio, delivers advanced high-performance 3D user interfaces to the aerospace, automotive, medical, and training industries. Leading global manufacturers such as Jaguar Land Rover, Boeing, and Lockheed Martin choose GL Studio for its’ performance, fidelity, and reliability in interface development and deployment. Whether for avionics, instrument clusters, infotainment systems, medical devices, or flight simulators, GL Studio exceeds the developer’s interface demands.

DiSTI’s user interface technology also expands into 3D virtual maintenance training solutions. DiSTI’s VE Studio is the world’s leading platform for managing the development of complex 3D virtual environments for use on desktop, mobile, and virtual and mixed reality training applications. VE Studio manages the entire development process including requirements analysis, content development, and automated software builds and regression testing.

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