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DiSTI Announces Contract Awarded for the Stryker Maintenance Training System Phase IV

March 30, 2015   News, Simulation & Training

DiSTI will develop a virtual maintenance trainer for the US Army’s Stryker Mobile Gun System using the virtual maintenance training development tool, VE Studio™

Orlando, FL (March 30, 2015) The DiSTI Corporation, a leading provider of graphical user interface software and customized 3-D virtual maintenance training solutions, announces a phase IV contract award from the U.S. Army to develop a virtual maintenance trainer (VMT) for the Stryker Mobile Gun System (MGS) Diagnostic Troubleshooting Trainer (DTT). The $3.1 million contract includes the design, development, production, and logistics support of the MGS DTT while maintaining compatibility with the existing system architecture.

The Stryker Maintenance Trainer System provides training capability for the Army’s 91S MOS. The trainer will preserve the core capability and structure while adding the new DTT functionality for the Stryker MGS lessons in 3D graphics. DiSTI’s virtual training environment, produced with VE Studio™, provides a realistic 3D training environment for 22 Stryker MTS student classrooms. Unlike a game engine, VE Studio comprehensively manages the entire development process.

“This contract award highlights the versatility and flexibility of our virtual maintenance training development software,” said Joe Swinski. “VE Studio, and the proven development process it supports, ensures that we will meet our delivery commitments while providing an innovative training solution.”

DiSTI’s has a proven legacy in developing interactive 3D maintenance training applications. Over the past decade major OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers have used DiSTI’s software to produce world-class maintenance trainers at the lowest cost with unmatched performance and fidelity. Industry giants such as Boeing, Lockheed-Martin, and Textron deliver stunning virtual maintenance trainers supported by VE Studio.

In November 2014, DiSTI announced the commercial availability of VE Studio. The offering provides more than just a rendering or game engine. VE Studio leverages a proven end-to-end process that manages all aspects of the virtual environment development, including requirements analysis and tracking, interface definition, design and development, automated virtual content generation, and auto regression testing.

DiSTI subcontractor, Rockwell Collins, served as the incumbent contractor for the first three phases of the Stryker MTS program and is the original equipment manufacturer. Stryker training will include automotive and weapon components and incorporate various modes from lesson selection to diagnostics. The architecture, software, design, functionality, user interface and instructor capabilities will remain the same.

The primary tasks are to upgrade classroom hardware, upgrade the Windows operating hardware, add MDS training within a 3D environment, and achieve IA certification. These updates will minimize the scope of regression testing, maximize the training capabilities, provide familiarity of the interface controls to the user, and provide the groundwork for porting of the MGS simulation to a Hands on Trainer (HOT) platform.