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Chilean Air Force Education Team First to Receive DiSTI VE Studio Technical Certification

December 21, 2017   Simulation & Training

DiSTI graduates first students from DiSTI technical certification program

Orlando, FL (December 21, 2017) –The DiSTI Corporation, the world’s leading provider of 3D virtual training solutions, announces that a team from the Fuerza Aérea de Chile (FACH), División de Educación is the first class to receive technical certification on VE Studio, DiSTI’s virtual training solution development platform.

DiSTI offers training and certifications that are tailored to the functions and roles involved in virtual training development which include program managers, artists, developers and procedure specialists. DiSTI will be expanding their certification programs across all of their product lines in 2018.

The División de Educación is the Chilean Air Force organization responsible for developing training for the Chilean Air Force.  Since 2007, the Chilean Air Force has relied on its fleet of Bell 412 helicopter for search and rescue and troop transport missions. In 2015, FACH selected the DiSTI Corporation to develop a virtual maintenance training solution to enable FACH to improve maintenance training processes for the fleet of 412’s.

“We needed to find a better way to train our aircraft maintainers and decided that 3D virtual technology was the right technology to achieve that goal. However, we did not have the expertise to develop our own solutions and we needed to develop training courses as quickly as possible. So we searched for a partner that had the technology and skills to assist us to build a solution, but who could provide us with the capability to continue to expand the training solution. The VE Studio platform was an ideal solution for us as it enabled us to rapidly develop the training solution while not having to hire a large team of software engineers. With VE Studio, we can use our existing staff to continue to develop the various training courses and do not have to worry about the underlying technology platform. DiSTI Professional Services assist us with the virtual environment configuration, creating the database architecture and getting us started with our first courses,” said Cristian Román from FACH.

“We have been very pleased with the results of this project for the Bell 412 and are looking to expand it to other aircraft in our fleet. Our education team, DiSTI, and their local business partner Altec, Ltda have worked together as partners to create the virtual maintenance solution. This certification will help to ensure that our education team has the skills to continue to develop our training capabilities using the best technology available on the market today,” said General José Miguel Aguirre, head of the División de Educación.

“We are excited to have the team from FACH to be the first class to receive certification on VE Studio through our DiSTI University technical certification program,” said Joe Swinski, CEO DiSTI. “We have reached a point where virtual training is becoming widely adopted and customers are looking for standardization and certification to ensure that their staff has the skills and capabilities to develop and maintain their training solutions.