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You’ve Been Using AR and VR the Wrong Way

April 10, 2019  
Kevin Mikalsen
Director of Global Marketing

You’ve Been Using AR and VR the Wrong Way

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If there’s anything more confusing than AR/VR technology, it’s how to effectively utilize it effectively to meet the requirements of your training outcomes. Thankfully, Courtney McNamara, senior computer scientist at Naval Air Warfare Training Systems Division (NAWCTSD), offers sound advice on selecting and integrating these sophisticated technologies.

In her presentation at the “Amazing Grace” NDIA conference, McNamara starts-off with need-to-know definitions commonly used in the AR/VR industry. She reviews and differentiates each technology AR and VR from each other.

McNamara lists the pros and cons of each technology. She begins by listing the tasks for which AR and VR are useful, contrasting them with the functions for which they are not helpful. She also discusses recent technological advances in the AR/VR community, as well as their impact on other industries. Her findings eventually lead her to conclude with what will be the ultimate AR/VR user experience—mixed reality (MR).

In her presentation, McNamara makes a case for MR’s potential for being the most optimal form of virtual training. Mixed reality uses both technologies to amplify the user experience; AR is used to combat the shortcomings of VR and vice versa. Overcoming the disadvantages of each technology optimizes the user experience, allowing companies to train their employees in the most effective manner possible.

Drawing on her experience in developing training solutions for NAWCTSD, McNamara offers valuable insight into the world of AR, VR, and MR. She makes a case for blended delivery solutions to meet the needs of the training outcomes based on the pros and cons of each technology. These arguments then used to justify the superiority of an MR approach; with the shortcomings of each technology eliminated, MR offers the best user-training experience.

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