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Better, Faster, and Cheaper – Creating the New Normal for Virtual Simulations

April 5, 2019  
Dr. Lee Lacy
Director of Programs

Understanding How Data-Driven Virtual Simulation Development Changes the Game

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Developing virtual simulations was once a complex and difficult task that only a few could perform. In recent years, however, virtual simulation development has become easier thanks to advances in development apps—such as VE Studio. As a result, companies (such as Siemens and HP) have begun creating their own virtual simulations in increasing numbers. This transition from outsourcing to insourcing has made firms—such as DiSTI—integral to perpetuating independent virtual simulation development. Despite these advances, however, challenges towards virtual training development continue to exist.

In his presentation at the NDIA “Amazing Grace” conference, Dr. Lee Lacy, DiSTI’s Director of Programs, proposes an ideal plan for effectively managing simulation data. His plan entails the following topics:

  • Organizations need better, faster, and cheaper simulation-based training system development approaches.
  • Sargent’s Conceptual Modeling Diagram can serve as framework for understanding the evolution of simulation data from the “real world” to implemented systems.
  • Data-driven simulation systems are efficiently developed by people following processes that are supported by tools.
It’s not easy developing a virtual simulation. However, thanks to Dr. Lee’s presentation, companies can improve their virtual development by applying Sargent’s Model and utilizing people, processes, and tools. Through the combined effort of these two factors, virtual simulation will become “better, faster, and cheaper” for all.

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