Elaine Raybourn

Sandia National Labs

Elaine Raybourn is a Principal Member of the Technical Staff for Sandia’s Military Systems & Analysis Department, and has a Ph.D. in Intercultural Communication with an emphasis in Human-Computer Interaction. Elaine serves as the Adaptive Training Systems Lead for the Center for Systematics & Cognition, and is responsible for a $2M
research portfolio which she has managed since 2003. Elaine brings an expertise in understanding culture and intercultural communication to the design of groupware systems. Her research and design efforts include game-based and immersive military education, novel in-game assessment and after-action review techniques, and designing personalized, experiential training systems that stimulate intercultural competence and cognitive agility. Elaine began her work in military
game-based training in 2003 by leading a project to create a non-kinetic, game-based training system for the U.S. Army Special Forces. The resulting multiplayer training system for practicing negotiations and honing cultural awareness has been successfully incorporated into the training program at the John F. Kennedy School Special
Warfare Center and School. Elaine also led a team that created non-kinetic engagement training modules and system enhancements to incorporate metacognitive reflective skill training in DARWARS Ambush NK (non-kinetic). This system was transitioned to PEO-STRI in 2007. She currently collaborates with the Institute for Creative Technologies on an RDECOM-STTC sponsored project called “Technologies for Advanced Continuous Learning” or TACL. Her team’s work has been identified by the Defense Science Board 2006 Summer Study “21st Century Strategic Technology Vectors” as critical capabilities and enabling technologies for the 21st century that shows promise. She has over 50 publications and was on the advisory board for the CMP Serious Games Summit from 2004-2007. She is currently a reviewer for the I/ITSEC Serious Games Showcase & Challenge and is on the
editorial board for the international journals Interactive Technology and Smart Education and Simulation & Gaming. She is a member of the 2009 Defense Science Board Task Force on Joint Professional Military Education. Elaine is a scientific advisory board member for the European Commission Integrated Project TARGET (Transformative,
Adaptive, Responsive and EnGaging EnvironmenT). Elaine has been an ERCIM (European Consortium for Research in Informatics and Mathematics) fellow, and is currently a National Laboratory Professor at the University of New Mexico’s Department of Communication & Journalism. Selected Publications (Alphabetical Order):
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